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Our Mission

To redefine and expand Pasifika entertainment so that our creatives can thrive, evolve, and drive innovative storytelling that honors the richness and diversity across Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia.

PEAK Redefines and Expands Pasifika Entertainment.


  • Consultations & Referals

    Pasifika experiences are so vast within each island nation of Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia. Our people are not a monolith, so it is extremely important for PEAK to ensure integrity, authenticity, and nuance when it comes to our storytelling and representation. From studio feature films to video games, PEAK offers cultural consulting on a wide range of projects and can connect you to Pasifika talent and experts across the board.

  • Cultural Workshop & Trainings

    PEAK can host presentations, workshops, or moderated discussions centering Pasifika experiences in Hollywood. We cover everything from the history of Pasifika representation and problematic narratives to best practices and possible solutions. Sessions include space for audience engagement and can be catered to the needs of your organization. We can deliver them virtually or in-person (with COVID-safe protocols).

  • Services include (but are not limited to):

  • Script Consulting and Cultural Sensitivity Reading (Episodic, Feature Films, PSAs)
  • Cultural sensitivity review of Merchandise and Consumer Products
  • Early Cut or Rough Cut and/or Storyboard Reviews
  • Talent referrals (writers, actors, directors, producers, choreographers, below-the-line)
  • Referrals to Cultural Experts
  • Referrals to Translators and Language and Dialect Coaches


  • PEAK supports and uplifts Pasifika talent in three ways:
  • Fostering community and utilizing industry networks.
    Fostering community and utilizing industry networks.
  • Offering cultural consulting and training workshops.
    Offering cultural consulting and training workshops.
  • Providing development opportunities.
    Providing development opportunities.

Our Team

  • Dana Ledoux Miller

    Board Chair

    Dana Ledoux Miller

  • Averie Joy Maikalima O Makua Huffine

    Board member

    Averie Joy Maikalima O Makua Huffine

  • Aisea Laungaue

    Board Member

    Aisea Laungaue

  • Kerry Warkia

    Board Member

    Kerry Warkia

  • Kristian Fanene Schmidt

    Executive Director

    Kristian Fanene Schmidt

  • Maluhia Kaimikaua


    Maluhia Kaimikaua

  • Ianeta Le’i


    Ianeta Le’i